Masticating Juicers vs Centrifugal Juicers

JUICEAs the health awareness across the world is spreading, people are becoming more and more health conscious and billions of diets revolve around a SINGLE word – JUICE. Apart from choosing the RIGHT juice for your diet, the thoughts should also be spent in making an intelligent purchase of a juicer which is well suited to your needs. A website that We’ve found helpful is JUICER. It analyzes consumers reviews and rate machine accordingly.

Juicers can be classified in two categories:

Masticating and Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal Juicers are the most commonly used ones and more affordable. They come with upright designed machinery in which you have to push the fruits and vegetables etc. They are in turn shredded into pulp by a mesh which is spinning at high speeds. However the masticating juicers as the name suggests refers to the kind of juicers which first knead or chew a fruit or vegetable to form a pulp which is then grounded into pulp to form juice. Both the juicers have their own benefits. The centrifugal juicers are fast but tend to oxidize the juices quickly and cannot be used to make juices of leafy vegetables. On the other hand masticating juicers are slow but can be easily used to make juices of leafy vegetable and have this beautiful property of keeping the nourishment intact for hours.

Masticating Juicers – Why to invest in them?

Maticating JuicerThough these juicers come at a relatively higher price and are slow in juicing action, they are still preferred by many people owing to the fact that the juicer tend to keep the juice healthy for a long time. Whenever we are dealing with some food making machines, we make sure that one thing remains intact – THE TASTE. Same is case with the juicers.

Masticating juicers tend to keep the taste of juice intact as the juice is prepared with slow mastication and juicing. Sure the patience needs to be in store while the juicer is on juicing, but the rewards are also worth it. I mean, who would not want a healthy juice which is tasty too. This taste will also keep you motivated for the juice diets.

Another plus point is that the nutrition is intact as owing to slow churning of fruits, lesser heat is produced and enzymes in fruits are not destroyed. For all the nutrition concerned people out there it is a major factor for choosing masticating juicers. As the juicers work at low speeds, the pulp produced is drier and the output of juice is more. Hence the masticating juicers are more beneficial as compared to the centrifugal ones despite of being more expensive and slower than latter ones where nutrition and produce is concerned. If you are looking to buy a masticating juicer, we would recommend you to buy Omega 8006 juicer. It was rated as the best masticating juicer by Juicer.Kitchen. It would cost you around $300. It is expensive will last lifetime.

Centrifugal Juicers – Why at all?

Centrifugal JuicerThough now it may seem that the existence of centrifugal juicers is questionable in the light of benefits of masticating juicers; but the fact that all of us cannot afford to have expensive juicers and that speed is matters a lot when you are living on a time constrained schedule can also not be ignored.

Further the centrifugal juicers can be used to produce juices of almost all the fruits except the leafy ones which are generally not consumed by a lot of people. Hence you can buy a centrifugal juicer and keep your budget from exploding just because of a single kitchen purchase. Also the centrifugal juicers have bigger chutes and hence a lot of cutting is not required for juicing. This is where masticating juicers earn a negative point. They have smaller chutes and require more chopping and cutting.

Finally coming to final point of discussion the ease of cleaning and the noise while juicing are also important while choosing a juicer. Masticating juicers are easier to clean and produce less noise during juicing. This further adds to the list of benefits of masticating juicers. So if you have the needs and budget for masticating juicers, go for them, else centrifugal juicers are there to help you keep juicing and be healthy.

Espresso Machine Buying Guide – the Importance of Grinder

quality espresso machineMost people when looking for the perfect and easiest way to prepare their favorite espresso drinks think about the quality of the espresso machine. However, although the espresso machine plays its role in the process of making of the perfect espresso it is not the only important component. Most experienced baristas and coffee connoisseurs would tell you that the espresso machine is the last to be considered. What then do we need for the preparation of the perfect cup of espresso? The answer is easy; you need a good quality of coffee beans, a good grinder and only then a quality espresso maker. If you are looking to buy an espresso maker, I would recommend you to check out the list of best espresso makers on the market as otherwise you will end up with low quality espresso maker.

The grinder, therefore, is an integral part of the preparation of a good espresso drink at home. Many people, who had made the mistake to buy an espresso machine, but not a grinder, complain that their espressos are not what they would like them to be. The problem is easy to solve, simply stop buying prepackaged coffee and start grounding your coffee beans at home.

As we all know, the preparation of espressos is quick and in those few seconds we want the coffee bean to produce as much flavor as possible. So, besides using only the best quality of coffee, good water and having some skills, you would need to buy a good quality grinder. With it you would be able to grind your coffee just before brewing it and to the necessary size.

Rancilio RockyLucky for you, there are a number of good quality grinders on the market that come at a very reasonable cost. Rancilio Rocky was rated as the best coffee grinder by The Edge. There are even some espresso machines that are designed with a within grinder. According to professional baristas, nothing will improve the quality of the espresso you make at home, as the work of a good grinder.

Your next step would be to decide what model to buy, as there are a number of options available on the market. The manual grinders are not recommended, because they cannot do a consistent grind to be used in the espresso machine. The grinds under $200 would do a good enough job, if you are on a tight budget. The middle priced grinders, on the other hand, are able to give you the perfect espresso grind and will last for many years. The high end models can cost more than $1000 and are usually used in commercial establishments.

Finally, apart from the cost you should consider how often and for what kind of coffee you are going to use your grinder. In any case, it would be a wonderful addition to your coffee maker and will make the quality of your espresso better.


Jolly’s American Beer and Dueling Piano Bar offers the best in American Craft Beer and an American Beer-influenced menu along with the uniquely American Phenomenon of Dueling Pianos, a concept Jolly Weldon brought to Philadelphia in 2008 with his first dueling piano bar. This is not your “grandfather’s” piano bar. No sitting at a stool, sipping brandy and singing along to Frank Sinatra. Jolly’s is a Rockin’, Rolling, sing-along, clap-along, drink-along, and have one helluva good time house of fun. And what better to pair with the concept of Dueling Pianos than American Craft Beers and an American Grill Menu that offers food and drink for everyone! We feature 24 Craft beers from across the country and seasonal selections that rotate daily. So, Eat, Drink and when the show starts, Be Jolly!

During the show, talented dueling pianists performing at two face to face baby grands in front of a large mirror perform the classic rock ‘n roll hits from the 1950’s to the present. From Elvis to Eminem, from Billy Joel to Lady Gaga, from Neil Diamond to Bruce Springsteen, we’ve got it all covered. Our talented performers, with an unlimited song repertoire, will “duel” with songs chosen by the audience, The show is sing-along, clap-along, and dance-along, and is fast-paced and interactive with the “duel” as much between the audience as the players. The show will typically run from 9 p.m. until 2 a.m.

We could tell you what goes on at Jolly’s but you probably wouldn’t believe us. It’s loud, noisy, animated, fun, spirited, cathartic, and hilarious. It’s music your parents grew up on and it’s the best hits of the 2000’s. And it’s all brought to life by our incredible piano players. As we like to say… “If you can’t have fun at Jolly’s, you can’t have fun!”

And don’t forget- we’re more than just entertainment. We’re an American Beer Bar with a mouth watering beer influenced menu designed by Chef Dayna Russo of Brick American Eatery. We take the classic American Grill menu up several notches with our made to order items such as beer-battered grilled cheese w/ bacon and avocado; pork belly tacos; white ale mussels; and much more. And to wash down our delicious fare we offer an incredible selection of beers and specialty cocktails, featuring Russian River, Dogfish Head, Allagash, Rogue, Yards, and dozens of other popular breweries. The menu runs the gamut from bar snacks to gourmet burgers. There’s something for everyone!

So come to Jolly’s! You’ll sing like you’re the only one in the shower and you’ll clap and dance like it’s the first day of American Bandstand. Rock and Roll, bawdy adult humor, musical roasts of special guests, and plenty of Craft American Beer and specialty drinks. Jolly’s is the spot for Bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, after work gatherings, and any other special occasion. With seating for 125 people, a state of the art sound system, custom tailored food and drink menus for your group, Jolly’s is perfect for your next event! Please call our Special Event Manager at 215.222.1232 to get this party started!

At Jolly’s “It’s a party every night!”


The early history of dueling pianos began back in the stone age when two cave men at opposite ends of the cave began slowing drumming on large rocks with sticks. Fast forward to Depression-era New Orleans, where Pat O’Brien first introduced dueling pianos at his eponymous bar in 1933. Just as rock and roll itself is a uniquely American phenomenon, Dueling Pianos has its roots in the American experience. The “dueling piano sing-a-long” took hold as the age old ritual of coming together over food, drink and song appeals to us today just as it did to the cave men. And from one bar in New Orleans it spread out across the country in the 1950’s as rock and roll found an audience and pianists like Jerry Lee Lewis introduced a new, upbeat, fun and exciting style of play. As fun to watch as it was to hear!

With the great singer/songwriters like Elton John, Billy Joel and Neil Diamond providing many of the popular sing-along tunes from the 60’s,70’s and 80’s, the concept proved enjoyable for people of all ages. From 21 to 91, Jolly’s is the place to enjoy a fun, spirited time. And our performers have kept up with today’s music. From Lady Gaga to Jay Z, From Rascal Flatts to The Black Keys, from Coldplay to The White Stripes- We play it all. Dueling Pianos is as popular today as it was in the 30’s, offering a loud, rocking, clap-along, sing-along, dance-along good time.


Jolly’s offers the perfect venue for your next event or gathering. From 5 to 150 people we can handle everything from the food to the music. Besides being the Bachelorette Headquarters for Philadelphia, we are a great spot for birthday, retirement, engagement, divorce, break-up, break-back, or any other reason to get together and throw a party. You bring the guests. We do all the rest!

Our chef will gladly create a custom menu for your group and we offer great drink packages. Private seating can be arranged through our Special Event Coordinator. Jolly’s is a unique and fun experience that will leave your guests with great memories of this event. And if you can’t come to us, Jolly’s Road Show will come to you with the food, drink, servers and musicians for your next corporate or private event. Please call our Special Event Coordinator at 215.222.1232

It’s a Party Every Night!

On stage there are 2 world class entertainers behind 2 baby grands facing each other. What they play is
entirely up to the audience. Song requests are brought up to the players and the duel starts. The duel
is really between the audience members who request different songs. The song usually has a higher
chance of being played first (the duel) than other requests depending on the amount of love (tip) shown
the pianist. And a song can be stopped by showing more love.

Jolly’s takes the term “piano bar” to a whole new level. It’s like a piano bar on Steroids! With the players
playfully bantering back and forth as the audience members “duel” to get their songs played or to stop the
current song from finishing. And then there’s the “Phrase Duel” Each night one of the players starts the
action by putting up a phrase or word on the mirror behind them. Usually $1 is the starting bid to change
the phrase or word. As the night goes on the bidding goes on to change the phrase

So come join the fun at Jolly’s Sit back and listen or step up and participate. Either way it’s a rockin’ ,
rolling, great time. And if you have that someone special with you that you would like to bring onstage
and make a complete fool out of, our pianists will be glad to “roast” them on the stage in front of
everybody! Don’t worry; it’s all in good fun!